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Ventajas de elegir un seguro médico de reembolso en DKV Elche


Each time is becoming more common for Spanish citizens to want to supplement their public health insurance with an additional service that fully covers all their medical needs. It may be thought at a certain age that it isn’t important, but over the years, health becomes the first priority. For this reason, today we are going to talk about reimbursement medical insurance, a modality that can be very comfortable for those who aren’t very clear about what they need supplementary health insurance.

 A reimbursement health insurance is a type of medical insurance that is designed to access health centres and private doctors and then, part of the invoice is later reimbursed. In other words, it would be a co-pay service. Thanks to this type of insurance, we provide you facilities to access the doctors and centres what you prefer. The advantages of this system are many and there are also different subtypes that we will talk about below.


  • Reimbursement: The user will pay the doctor’s invoice at the moment to go to the appointment at the desired centre and insurance company will reimburse the appropriate percentage. It’s common for most treatments to be 100% reimbursed.
  • The best thing about reimbursement insurance: One of the benefits over private health insurance is that numerous reimbursement treatments are included and that the amounts to be reimbursed are often high.
  • Don’t limit yourself to a predetermined medical team: The choice of the doctor or the health centre are two of the keys to understanding the reasons why many users prefer reimbursement health insurance. The possibility of knowing that we are with the doctor we want and in a centre we trust are every reason to choose it.
  • Different options of reimbursement medical insurance: Normally, there are different modalities and the user can choose the type he prefers. In this way, it’s easier to adapt to the requirements that the potential client has.
  • This type of insurance is Mundial: The advantage of this type of reimbursement insurance is that you can make use of it anywhere around the world without limitation. Therefore, if you have to make a trip for business or for any other reason and you have to go to a private doctor, this type of insurance will cover the total expenses or a percentage of the medical invoice.


The reimbursement medical insurance at DKV stands out for its variety and for be able to adapt to the needs of each family. You should know that our company works with more than 1,000 centres and 4,000 doctors.

DKV Mundisalud : This reimbursement insurance is ideal to take care of your health wherever you are. You can choose the specialist and medical centre you want to go and we will reimburse you between 80% and 90% of the expenses in less than 7 days. There are different types to choose according to your needs: DKV Mundisalud Classic, DKV Mundisalud Premium or DKV Mundisalud Elite.

DKV Top Health: This reimbursement insurance is the most comprehensive because it covers 100% of medical expenses, either at the centre arranged within the DKV medical team or at any other medical centre in the world. In a maximum of 7 days, DKV Seguros Elche will pay you back the total amount of the invoice.

DKV Residentes: This reimbursement health insurance is ideal for foreigners residing in Spain. It combines the best private healthcare in Spain and also in Germany.

If you are interested in this type of insurance, contact us and we will help you find the best reimbursement health insurance for you and your family.


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